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SSOL Panel Mask Pattern

SSOL Panel Mask Pattern

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Date published: 21 Mar 2021

All rights reserved by SSOL. Please respect the work of the designer. No part of this pattern may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of SSOL.

You are welcome to make and sell from this pattern. Credit is appreciated. This pattern is strictly NOT to be used for commercial or workshop purposes. 


Please note that that is a digital PDF sewing pattern and NOT a physical product. No refunds will be issued due to its digital nature.


The SSOL Panel Mask was inspired by the Korean KF94 mask. I loved the way it looked and more importantly, I loved the fit. It has a great seal, ample breathing space and does not slip off the nose!

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Product Features

  • GREAT SEAL  (no air leaks) 

In my opinion, the SSOL Panel Mask Pattern has all the advantages of the 3D/Origami mask has to offer, but even better. The middle panel offers a tall nose to chin height but then tapers off short towards the ears. This reduces gaps at the sides that are sometimes found in the 3D/Origami mask design. 

  • AMPLE BREATHING SPACE (does not touch lips)

This mask sits out further from the lips because of the way the middle panel is constructed. There is no risk of staining the mask with lipstick for lipstick-wearers.


More importantly, this mask allows for jaw expansion when one yawns without the mask slipping off the nose. If it does slip for you, go up one size. 


This pattern is made up of 3 separate pattern pieces. This means there is actually more room for customisation to suit a wider variety of faces. For eg. If someone has a long and narrow face, the middle panel could be re-drafted to be taller (without changing anything else). 

*WATCH* How to modify pattern for a long, narrow face -

Updated (29/3/2021)
There are currently 2 versions of the KF94 masks in the market. One has a rounded rectangular middle panel, which was what my original Panel Mask was based on. This style will be known as Version 1.0 from now. The other has an angular middle panel, which will be referred to as Version 2.0.
V2.0 will come up a wee bit shorter on the sides but I'll give it one notch up for its aesthetics. 


See pictures below for better understanding.

Comparison with a commercial KF94. You can see that it's close to a 100% resemblance from the side profile.


Pattern Details

There are printable pattern pieces in this PDF pattern for your home printer. Please note that there are no written instructions in this pattern. A video tutorial (right at the bottom of this page) is available for the visual learners. 

Estimated Nose to chin measurements

XS - (yet to test, please let me know if you make one) cm (Kids age 1-3)
XS+ - (yet to test, please let me know if you make one) cm (Kids age 3-5)
S - 13.5 cm (Kids age 5-7)
S+ - 14.5 cm (Kids age 7-9)
M - 15.5 cm - (Kids age 10 and above)
M+ - 16.75 cm (Teens/Adult)
L - 18.5 cm (Adult)
L+ - (yet to test, please let me know if you make one) cm (Adult)
XL - (yet to test, please let me know if you make one) cm (Adult)
XXL - (yet to test, please let me know if you make one) cm (Adult)

Materials and Supplies

  • 1 fat quarter quilting cotton for exterior/lining each
  • Recommended elastic length is 20cm each (with adjustable silicone stoppers)

Skill Level

Confident Beginner

Product Photos

Panel Mask V2.0 - My Purple Melody in Size L

Model wearing V1.0

This model has a very small face. S+ suits her best. ;)

Here, she is seen wearing the M+, it is too big for her. However, the "excess" can be tucked away at the fold between nose and chin flaps (where it meets the middle panel). This creates room for her to open her jaw wide without the mask slipping off her nose. This could actually work out to be an advantage when wearing one size bigger, depending on how you see it.


My eldest is wearing size M.

Video Tutorial

What's the diff between V1.0 and V2.0? 

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