About Me


My name is Jacquelene and I’m from Singapore - a beautiful garden city. I am currently a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) to my 3 beautiful children. I was a former school teacher and so education will always be something close to my heart.

I enjoy bag-making and have always found an interest in drafting my own patterns. I ran local sewing workshops from home since 2018 to share my passion with like-minded crafters until COVID hit. Since last year (2020), I’ve stopped all workshops to minimise exposure to my family. I have also devoted a year to ‘mask-engineering’, striving for the best fit and comfort. (See mask collection.)

To better protect my family, I’ve made the decision to pivot to writing new sewing patterns as well as digitise existing physical workshops, besides the occasional sales of readymade handmade products.

If you have explored my website, you might have noticed that not all of my sewing patterns follow a certain format. Some have written instructions but without videos, while others have videos and do not have written instructions. And some of which have instructions embedded within Facebook Groups. I understand that this appears messy and I am striving to achieve some consistency eventually (but I'll need time.)

Please understand that these patterns were made at different stages of my sewing career. I did not start out as a pattern designer. I started out sharing my designs informally with a small group of local audience (and eventually ran classes) and I did not own a Shopify store nor a Youtube Channel then (until mid 2020).

Going forward, I hope to strive towards writing quality patterns with both written and video tutorials so that sewists with different learning styles may benefit from them. For the relatively easier and straightforward projects, I will continue to share them via video tutorials on my Youtube Channel with a small download fee for the digital files (no written instructions). This allows me to keep my Channel active without a prolonged downtime (which can happen with more complex projects that will take a longer R&D time.)

I hope you would understand my position now that you have a better perspective of my 'history'. I appreciate your presence here and I hope this website will be a positive experience for you in your sewing journey!