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SSOL Mask Case / Keeper

Instead of leaving your mask on the table or chucking it in your bag during meal times, why not store it in this convenient mask case? Just place it in, button up and you're good to go! This is a great temporary storage to hold your mask when you need to take them off for short periods of time.


SSOL Tapered Fitted Mask Pattern

Sporty and sleek-looking. This fitted mask pattern offers an alternative for people who struggle with gaps at the sides of the cheeks. It features a high jawline and tapered sides. The 3D shape also offers plenty of breathing space without the lips touching the mask.


DIY Keyring Hand Sanitizer Holder Pattern

No more fumbling in your bag in search of that tiny bottle! Reach for it easily by hanging the hand sanitizer bottle out in style, matching the print of your bag or mask! This pattern is available in 2 sizes - Dettol (50ml) and Thieves (29ml).



I love all the 3 masks that I've bought from you the previous time. Very professionally sew and I absolutely love the selection of fabrics that you used in making your mask. Good quality compared to some that I've bought from the other sellers. 


Attended the jjb-inspired be quick workshop and had a good time! It is a workshop suitable for beginner to intermediate sewists who have some knowledge of sewing but keen to expand their knowledge of bag making techniques. Jacquelene was very patient and detailed in her instructions and will ensure that you understand each step/technique that is being taught; especially tips and tricks you will never be able to learn just from reading instructions from a pattern or watching a video.

Jolene Teo

My very first sewing workshop was with Jacquelene and I'm so glad. She's been extremely patient, so detailed and ever so generous with her tips and knowledge. She made a total noob like myself feel so comfortable (I was initially so worried because I don't even know how to operate a sewing machine) and I felt so accomplished when I finished my bag. I totally recommend Sewing Seeds of Love, she really lives up to the nameπŸ‘πŸΌ

Tricia Tan

Tried out one of her classes and had a lot of fun. Had lost my sewing mojo after giving birth, so it was a refreshing experience. Jacq is very patient with beginners, yet accepting towards people with sewing experience. Her class was full of laughter and interaction. You get to learn tricks of the trade through her teaching. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced sewers. can't wait to try more projects!

Nicole Cheng

Jacquelene is very patient and clear in her explanation. The skills learnt are useful. I particularly like how Jacquelene also shares tips and experience from her own sewing. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere for learning which makes it fun! Now I am hooked on sewing and using the sewing machine😊

Angelique Woon

Today is my second workshop with Jacquelene. She is very patient and give clear step-by-step instructions during the workshop. Jac will share useful tips and knowledge selflessly which make her a good instructor to follow. Will continue to sign up for her workshop 

Claudin Ang