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SSOL Mask Case/Holder/Keeper (FREE!)

SSOL Mask Case/Holder/Keeper (FREE!)

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You are welcome to make and sell from this pattern. Credit is appreciated. This pattern is strictly NOT to be used for commercial or workshop purposes. 

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Please always ensure that the 1" test square on your pattern piece measures 1" EXACTLY.

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1) Do NOT print pattern from your phone/ipad.
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Date published: 16 Oct 2020


Instead of leaving your mask on the table or chucking it in your bag during meal times, why not store it in this convenient mask case? Just place it in, button up and you're good to go! This is a great temporary storage to hold your mask when you need to take them off for short periods of time.

There are a total of 5 different flap shapes to play with in this pattern and they come in small, medium and large sizes. The small size fits all standard surgical masks and also kids-sized fitted masks. The medium would fit standard adult L sized fitted sized mask. and the large would fit the adult XL.

Product Features

5 different fun shapes, there's something for everyone!

1) Curved - A smooth rounded shape all round.
2) Rounded - A rounded protrusion for the button placement.
3) Hex - Hexagon flap with corners cut out.
4) Wavy - Beautiful feminine curves
5) Pointed - Triangular flap (FREE!)

Pattern Details

There are printable pattern pieces in this PDF pattern for your home printer. Please note that there are no written instructions in this pattern. A video tutorial (right at the bottom of this page) is available for the visual learners.

Estimated Finished Dimensions (Width x Height) when opened up.

WIDTH (cm) HEIGHT (cm)
SMALL 25 11
MEDIUM 28 13.5
LARGE 31 16

 Materials and Supplies

  • Fat quarter
  • Kam snaps
  • Lightweight interfacing

Skill Level


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