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SG TraceTogether Wrist Pouch - Pokémon

SG TraceTogether Wrist Pouch - Pokémon

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Perfect accessory for the ACTIVE you.

The important thing is not how long you live. It’s what you accomplish with your life. - Grovyle

The Slap-on Wrist Pouch features a clear display which allows you to check on your tracetogether token to see if it is functioning properly (green blinking light) at all times. The removable silicone-coated bracelet is sealed with a fabric sleeve. The easy slap-on mechanism allows you to put this on in a flash!

Use it to store money, ear buds, lip balm, digital car key, 5ml essential oil bottles and more!

Each holder has been lovingly crafted by me and are available in only very small, limited quantities. Restocking is not always guaranteed depending on my current commitments and other projects planned.

Estimated Finished Dimensions (cm)
Slim - 5.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 (width x height x depth)

Please note that this holder will fit ALL but the Tear Drop version of the token.

What is a TraceTogether Token?

My 6 year old wearing the wrist-pouch (size sold here).

Hubby wearing a custom mini size for our token (not sold here).

My 10 year old wearing a custom mini size (not sold here).

Fits 2 5ml Essential Oil bottles!

The wrist pouch on me.

Size comparison against a regular lip balm and $10 note

Size comparison against a digital car key.


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