SG TraceTogether Token Holders - Hearts Kitty

SG TraceTogether Token Holders - Hearts Kitty

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Hello Kitty is a small, round-faced, cartoon catlike girl with black eyes, a yellow nose, no mouth, and a red bow perched on her left ear. Among the simple pleasures she enjoys are baking cookies, playing the piano, and, above all, making friends. 

Special care was taken to ensure that the Kitty placement was extracted wholly when cutting the fabric. 

This cute little zippered clear pouch is MORE than just a storage pouch to hold your tokens, airpods, lip balms, cash and coins! These floral prints are so gorgeous that you could use it as an accessory to jazz up your bags!

The clear vinyl allows for the QR code to be scanned conveniently WITHOUT having to remove it from the holder. The clear visibility also means you'll be able to OBSERVE easily if the token has run out of battery (blinks red instead of green).

Each holder has been lovingly crafted by me and are available in only very small, limited quantities. Restocking is not always guaranteed depending on my current commitments and other projects planned.

Estimated Finished Dimensions (cm)
Slim - 5.5 x 8.5 x 1.5 (width x height x depth)

Please note that the SLIM holder will fit ALL but the Tear Drop version of the token. 

What is a TraceTogether Token?