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Petite Set Tote Pattern

Petite Set Tote Pattern

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Date published: 15 Oct 2021


Due to popular demand, the Petite Tote Pattern is now available as a Petite Set - Petite & Petite Plus (and upsized version of the darling Petite Tote). It doesn't matter if you purchase through this link or the Petite Tote Pattern link, you will get the same set of files.


This adorable little hand-carry tote was originally designed to be used as a carrier to hold mandarin oranges when visiting family and friends during the Chinese New Year. The mandarin orange is an important symbol of the Chinese New Year. The small citrus looks like the sun, and because the sun is aligned with the yang (positive) principle, it is a symbol of abundance and happiness. They are not only used as decorations, but given as gifts when visiting family and friends as a symbol of sharing abundance and good fortune.

Apart from holding oranges, this little bag also has plenty of other uses! They make cute gift bags for various occasions and festivities. Works great as a little girl’s bag to hold all her favorite knick-knacks as well!

A fun and apt beginner project for those who have yet to make a bag. The tote is fully lined, with cotton webbing as handles and sides are cinched up via magnetic snaps.

Due to popular demand, the upsized version of the Petite Tote is now included in the pattern - The Petite PLUS! It’s a Mommy & Me adorable twinning set!  Now you can twin the bag with your little one and wow everyone!  

Please follow the instructions for the Petite Tote when you are making Petite Plus. The steps remain very much the same with some small changes in magnetic snap and strap positions. There are also two additional add-on options for this size.

Option 1 allows you to add on a slip pocket on the front exterior of the bag.
Option 2 allows you to add on three slip pockets on the interior of the bag.

Also, check out our BUNDLE DEALS that includes this pattern for better value!

Product Features (for Petite)

  • grab handles that extend into the base accent of the bag
  • snap closures on both top corners of the bag
  • contrasting accent at the bottom of bag
  • wide base on the bottom of bag which allows for it to stand upright

Additional Product Features (for Petite PLUS)

  • 1 Front Exterior Slip pocket
  • 3 Interior Slip pockets 

Pattern Details

There are two files in this pattern. The pdf pattern for the Petite Tote includes 26 pages of sewing instructions, complete with 47 step-by-step color photos. The add-on instructions for the Petite PLUS includes 24 pages of instructions, complete with 12 step-by-step color photos. Also included in the PDF pattern are printable pattern pieces for your home printer. A video tutorial (right at the bottom of this page) is also available for the visual learners.

Estimated Finished Dimensions (Bottom Width x Height x Depth)

Petite Tote

15 x 15 x 10 (cm)
5-7/8" x 5-7/8" x 4"

Petite PLUS
24.5 x 22 x 14 (cm)
9" x 8" x 5" 

Materials and Supplies - Petite Tote

  1. [1] Fat Quarter for Main Fabric (45 x 55cm or 18” x 22”)
  2. [1] Fat Quarter for Contrasting Fabric (45 x 55cm or 18” x 22”)
  3. [1] Fat Quarter for Lining Fabric (45 x 55cm or 18” x 22”)
  4. [1] Half yard lightweight interfacing (eg. SF101) (45 x 110cm or 18” x 44”)
  5. [1] Fat Quarter Fusible Fleece (45 x 55cm or 18” x 22”)
  6. [2] 1cm (”) magnetic snaps or T5 plastic Kam snaps
  7. [2] pieces of 50cm (20”) cotton webbing, 2cm (”) wide

Materials and Supplies - Petite PLUS

  1. [1] Half yard for Main Fabric (45 x 110cm or 18” x 44”)
  2. [1] Half yard for Contrasting Fabric (45 x 110cm or 18” x 44”)
  3. [1] Half yard for Lining Fabric (45 x 110cm or 18” x 44”)
  4. [1] Half yard lightweight interfacing (eg. SF101) (45 x 110cm or 18” x 44”)
  5. [1] Half yard Fusible Fleece (45 x 110cm or 18” x 44”)
  6. [3] 1.5cm (”) magnetic snaps or T5 plastic Kam snaps
  7. [2] pieces of 85cm (33”) cotton webbing, 3cm (1”) wide

Skill Level

Budding Beginner

Product Photos


Video Tutorial


01:12 - Materials required
02:30 - Creating the grab handles 
04:45 - Attaching the interfacing for the Exterior Tops 
05:30 - Attaching the interfacing for the Exterior Bottom
06:28 - Attaching the grab handles
08:27 - Assembly of the Exterior
11:03 - Installation of magnetic snaps
15:56 - Assembling of the interior
18:15 - Final assembly

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