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Mask Capsule - Chinese Opera Characters

Mask Capsule - Chinese Opera Characters

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Never worry about leaving the house without a mask again! This compact-sized Mask Capsule is the perfect pouch to store your emergency backup mask. It has the capacity to expand despite its petite size.

polyster (light-weight umbrella fabric)
bronze lobster clasp

Finished Dimensions (W X H)
6cm x 9cm


  • water-repellent
  • holds up to 1 standard surgical/fabric mask

Fun Trivia
History of Peking Opera
Peking opera features four main role types, sheng (gentlemen), dan (women), jing (rough men), and chou (clowns). Performing troupes often have several of each variety, as well as numerous secondary and tertiary performers. With their elaborate and colorful costumes, performers are the only focal points on Peking opera's characteristically sparse stage. They use the skills of speech, song, dance and combat in movements that are symbolic and suggestive, rather than realistic. Above all else, the skill of performers is evaluated according to the beauty of their movements. Performers also adhere to a variety of stylistic conventions that help audiences navigate the plot of the production. The layers of meaning within each movement must be expressed in time with music. The music of Peking opera can be divided into the xīpí (西皮) and èrhuáng (二黄) styles. Melodies include arias, fixed-tune melodies and percussion patterns. The repertoire of Peking opera includes over 1,400 works, which are based on Chinese historyfolklore and, increasingly, contemporary life.

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