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Goldilocks Cup Holder Pattern

Goldilocks Cup Holder Pattern

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Pattern Paper Size for Printing

Please select LETTER for Paper Size if this is the paper format used in your country. The pattern has been adjusted so that you are able to piece them together to get the complete pattern. However if you have the LEGAL Paper Size, you may purchase the A4 option instead as this size will accommodate the complete pattern printing.

Date published: 14 Sep 2021


Too hot? Too cold? Drop your favourite drink in our latest cup holder and free your hands from the extreme temperatures!

Finding the perfect cup fit to suit all cup sizes in the market is akin to Goldilocks searching for her ideal (porridge/chair/bed). Every cup has a different upper and lower circumference measurements. However, after a series of intense testing and tweaks, I have arrived at a generic (gentle arc) shape pattern (and method) that will suit most cups sizes.

In the video tutorial, I have also shared two different ways of construction - Perfect Fit and Expandable Fit. The expandable version are sewn in with small strips of elastic, which allows for some give/stretch to suit cup sizes in between.

I hope this pattern will provide some ease to users who may have difficulty handling the cups (without any holders) as well as users who just want to have some fun making/personalising their very own holders.

Product Features

  • 3 sizes - Small (fits small coffee cups), Medium (fits most Bubble Tea cups) and Large (fits Starbucks Grande, most Bubble Tea cups)
  • 2 heights - Short, Tall
  • 3 different grab handle lengths

Pattern Details

There are printable pattern pieces in this PDF pattern for your home printer, available in both A4 and Letter format. Please note that there are no written instructions in this pattern. A video tutorial (right at the bottom of this page) is available for the visual learners.

Materials and Supplies

Recommended material - quilting cotton or taffeta nylon waterproof fabric 

    1. [1] Fat Quarter for main fabric (45 x 55cm or 18” x 22”)
    2. [1] Fat Quarter for lining fabric  (45 x 55cm or 18” x 22”)
    3. [1] Fat Quarter for lightweight woven interfacing (45 x 55cm or 18” x 22”)
    4. [2] or [3] 1/4" 4cm elastic strips (depends which height you are making)

Skill Level


Product Photos

Video Tutorial

00:30 - Materials needed
00:37 - Making the grab handle
02:47 - Making the Perfect Fit Cup Holder
11:11 - Making the Expandable Cup Holder
19:00 - Cup fitting demonstration
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