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Cactus (Water-Repellent)

Cactus (Water-Repellent)

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Life is like a cactus, full of pricks, but also very beautiful.

A well-constructed and well-maintained mask will last longer, giving you cost-savings in the long run. 

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Mask Style

Mask Material

  • Polyester blend on exterior fabric has water-repellency properties.
  • This material well-structured, which is good for this style of mask as it defines the shape well.
  • 100% cotton on the lining fabric

Mask Features

  • 100% cotton on the interior to absorb moisture
  • water-repellency on the exterior fabric
  • removable nose wire added for better seal
  • fisherman’s knots for an adjustable, comfortable fit
  • convenient slot for easy insertion of filter for added protection
  • quality reinforced topstitching on the top and bottom seams that will help maintain shape
  • wrinkle-free

Mask Sizing

ESTIMATED Nose to chin measurement
M+ - 14.5cm
L - 15.5cm

Mask Care

  • gentle hand washing with detergent is recommended (no need to remove nose wire)
  • avoid wring-dry to prevent wrinkles and distortion, instead, sandwich mask in between a towel to absorb excess water
  • air-dry thoroughly in a well-lit, ventilated area
  • avoid direct sun to prevent colour fading
  • avoid direct iron on exterior fabric (lay a piece of thin cotton over if you really need to iron)


  • Actual product's colour/print placement may differ from that of stock photo's.
  • Product sold is non-refundable, non-exchangeable due to hygiene purposes.
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