Workshops FAQ

*Workshops are currently suspended due to COVID*
  1. Where are you located?
    Workshops are conducted at my home in Sengkang, Singapore.

  2. When do your workshops take place?
    They are usually held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Please see schedule for upcoming events.

  3. What is the duration of your workshops?
    They range between 3 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of projects and individual pace of participants.

  4. How much do your workshops cost?
    Workshop fees generally depends on a number of factors:
    - Total number of hours
    - Cost of materials used
    - Level of complexity

    A general guide to our workshop pricing:
    - 2-3 hours ~ $68-$88
    - 3-4 hours ~ $88-$118
    - 4-5 hours ~ $108-$138
    - 5-6 hours ~ $128-$158
    - 6-7 hours ~ $148-$188

  5. What's included in the package?
    All material costs, use of tools and sewing machines and a soft copy of detailed instructions for the project.

  6. What is the class size?
    All workshops require minimum 2 pax to open and are capped at 6 pax. Each participant will be assigned a sewing machine where he/she can work on a project comfortably.

  7. I have no sewing experience. Can I join your workshops?
    Of course you may! Please refer to the Seedlings 101 for more details. We welcome learners of all ages and we also conduct workshops for specifically for children (age 8 and above) during school holidays.

  8. Can I bring my own fabrics?
    Yes, you may, but I would not encourage it as I would imagine it to be stressful cutting into your favourite fabric on your first attempt at a new project! 

  9. Can I customise the project?
    It is generally not encouraged to make too many changes to an already tried-and-tested design. We can however accomodate simple resizing requests wherever possible. 

  10. What do I need to bring for the workshops?
    Nothing! Everything is provided for.

    Fabric prints selection usually takes place 10 minutes prior to the workshop. There will be bags of fabric you can choose from on the spot to mix and match. We used to provide pre-selection in the past, however we found that it was best that participants are able to see and touch the fabrics for themselves as colours/resolution/size of prints/placements are harder to gauge over photos.

  11. Will I be able to make the project on my own after the workshop
    Yes of course!

    A soft copy of our step-by-step instruction guide will be provided after the class so that participants can recreate the project independently on their own.

  12. What happens if I am unable to complete the project on time?
    As much as possible, we strive to pace participants to be able to complete the project within the stipulated time. We regret to inform that there will be additional charges ($5 for every half hour extended) incurred starting from 2020.

  13. How do I book a slot?
    Slots are limited and will only be reserved for you once full payment is received. Please drop me a message at or inbox me at my Facebook Page for payment details.

  14. Something came up and I am not able to attend. Can I cancel/postpone my slot?
    Once a slot has been confirmed and paid up, you will not be allowed to cancel or postpone your slot unless there is a valid emergency that came up.  

  15. What if I arrive late to the class?
    To be fair to the rest of the participants who arrive on time, we will begin the session promptly. You will be guided accordingly to the best of my ability to catch up with the rest. We will not be able to extend the time for you should you not be able to complete the project by the end of the session.

  16. Can I bring a friend/my kids along?
    To ensure the most conducive learning environment for all participants, only paid participant is allowed to turn up at the workshop. Kindly make your own childcare arrangements before signing up as we do not have additional child-minding services should you decide to bring your child along. The hours are long and it would be difficult to keep them occupied. (I would know because I have 3!)

  17. What's next after I have signed up for a slot?
    We will touchbase with you via a Whatsapp group chat the day before the workshop, together with other participants from your session to firm up details.

  18. Can I make and sell from what I have learnt in your workshop?
    Please understand that while you are welcome to make and sell from the patterns from my workshops, kindly note that distribution, resale and re-using of these materials to run similar workshops is strictly prohibited. I seek your kind cooperation, respect and understanding on this matter. 
I hope I have addressed most of your concerns. Do feel free to drop me a message at or drop me a message at my Facebook Page if you need any further clarifications.