SLHA -  Supporting Local Handmade Artisans

Sewing Bear Mama - Rattles, cozies, masks.
Esthetiquemakes - Masks, masks pouches, cosmetic pouches.
Tack & Sew  - Baby and kids accessories, bags.
Sewbasic - Masks, mask-keepers.
To Sew, With Love - Masks, bucket hats, simple tote bags.
Little Treasures - 3D Cloth Face Mask.
Happy to Craft - Crochet dolls/roses, crystal bracelets, masks.
Wonderfully Made by G - Masks, kids dresses and shirts.
Sewn By KK - Masks, mini pouch, scrunchies.
Hoot-a-mama - Art holder case, drool pads, carrier case.
Myook Creations - Masks, baby carrier accessories, cloth diapers.
Garnetto Handicrafts - Crochet bags, crochet blankets, masks.
Yangthings - Baby beanhusk pillow, drool pads and bibs.
&courage - Pouches, bags, apparel.
Art At Hearts - Masks, pouches, tissue pouches.
My Sewing Story - Mask, pouches, hand-cary bags.
My Ah Ma’s Attic - Masks , pouches, hand-crafted jewellery.
Summer727 - Masks, tissue pouch, personalized items.
Koolkayshop - Bag, purse, doll apparel.
Kreattique - Pouches, masks, embroidery keychains.
ENgel KRaft Loft - Masks, multi-purpose pouch, tissue pouch.
Soul Happy Shop - Masks, dresses, pouches.
Twoops Vintage - Reworked Hats, reworked Bags, vintage clothes.
Jollybyjo - Minky blanket, pu wallets, baby gift products.
Shifs.handmade - Pouches, keychains, quilts.
Lemon Meringue Pie - Bags, pouches, masks.
HunterXAriel - Dog accessories, masks, fabric bags.
Wonder Pads Reusables - Reusable cloth pads, face pads, nursing pads.
Summer Fairies Handmade - Children clothing, masks.
Po.handmadecreations - Masks, children clothing, jewellery.
Sewamumzing - Wet wipe pouch, mask, baby bib.
Thimbleoven - Masks, mask pouch, ear savers.
Handmade with Love by Gel - Handwoven bows, stuffed toys, scarves.
rexxrae - kids clothes, masks, fabric hairties.
CandyMakes - Masks, children’s apparel, handmade notions.
Thimbleoven - Masks, mask pouch, ear savers.
Moonheart Stitches - Babywearing accessories, buckwheat husk pillows, taggies.
Sewfisticated Craft  - Bags, embroidery pretties, masks.
Jessica Marie Kids Gown & casual, pet clothing, masks.
Lourrabella - Wedding gowns & wedding mask.
Sew Crafty by R - Masks, hand sanitizer holders, beanie pillow case. 
STITCH by lilin - Bags & pouches, patchwork, customised orders.
Rosy Rainbow Crafts - Embroidery blankets/bibs, bags & pouches, cushions.
TkEmbroidery - Personalised Towels, buckwheat pillows, pull string pouch
Hearty Pooch - Pet accessories, fabric masks, baby accessories.
Petite Sew - Masks, bags, and pouches. 
The Tinkerbox - snack bags, feminine care, masks. 
AmeVi Designs - Pouches, bags and masks.
MaMa Goh Sew - Mask, pouches, vinyl material products. - Masks.
The Eccentric Elephant - Snuggleblankies for dogs, bandanas, totes.
Mama R Handmade - Masks, children clothes, pouches.
Clazshop - Masks, pouch and bags.
Juzmesew - Tote bags, pouchs, masks & mask holders.
Cuz I love u sew - Masks, pouches, bags.
JanG_made - Masks, bags.
OliveTree - Hair accessories, pouches, masks.
Ishqal - Aprons, children clothes, masks.
Buttercup baby and me - Masks, cheongsam, pouches.
Chasing Bravehearts - Masks.
Yorkcocoshop - Bags, pouches, girl dresses.
Mama's little koala - Drool pad, masks and bags.
SorsStudio-Bespoke - Mask, shirts, pants.
HawzSnug - Masks, wooden play resources and loose parts play.
Ally Crafts Co - Hot and cold eye pack, embroidery hoops, felt letters.
Little Doll House - Masks, pouches, sanitiser holders.
Enjoy the Little things Masks, macrame, crochet items.
Elsie's Sewing Room - Masks, pouches.
YOcrafts - Mask, pouch, small bags.
Qi's Cottage - Personalized (embroidery) pillows, pouches, charms. 
Peakpocket - Bags, pouches, children clothes.
Teal of Two Stitches - Crocheted Baby, children blankets.
Peachier - Hats, accessories and scarves.
LollispopSew - Mask, drool pad, baby prewalker shoes.
Little Girls Handmade - Masks, hair bows, earrings.
MaskBe Singapore - Masks.
Temaricrafts - Keychain accessories, masks, sanitizer holders.
Lightofmerci - Mask, customised name labels.
The Little Crafter - Wrap scrap leather bag, keepsake plushies, accessories
Handmadewitlove Quietbook, pouch, baby taggies.