The sky would be awfully dark with just one star.

The sky would be awfully dark with just one star.

This is a beautiful quote I saw on a dear friend’s wall tonight. I am sharing it here with her permission.

This totally wraps up how I felt when I offered to share my web space earlier with many other local makers, especially when most of them were also mask-makers - selling similar mask styles, in similar fabric prints. Some were pleasantly surprised by this gesture. Well, I guess it’s because I don’t see them as “competition”.

For those of you who have been following this page for some time, you would have known that I was not selling any masks at all before 10 July 2020 (launch of my website). I was busy making tutorials, preparing diy kits, educating and advocating the community on the use of masks. I eventually switched to selling masks because I scaled back on my workshops to keep a balance due to the uncertainty of covid situation in Singapore.

The pie is large enough, there is enough for everyone.
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