How I started my sewing journey

My interest for sewing started in 2017 because of my passion in bags (especially J.X.X.). I love the different styles, the organisation, and the cute prints to boot. I had all these brand new change pads that came with the diaper bags and I had no idea what to do with them. It was a huge thing in the J.X.X. community for the ladies to customise small pouches and accessories from the change pads. I was really impressed by the creativity and workmanship behind the custom works. That got me thinking maybe I could try making some too!

I got my first machine in May 2017 and I have been sewing ever since. This is for real. I became really interested in bag-making, exploring the many different methods and techniques involved. I now realised, that not only did I like sewing, I actually enjoyed experimenting, drafting and making patterns more. I would start with a prototype in mind, waste no time in testing out an idea repeatedly, hoping to achieve perfection in the final draft. This was quite evident in my pursuits in making masks, no thanks to COVID.

Prior to my sewing career, I was a teacher. I enjoyed the process of introducing new ideas and concepts to my students and seeing that bulb light up in their minds. Running sewing workshops, sharing my creations, became a natural progression. I started my first workshop in Feb 2018 with this crossbody bag - Be Quick Inspired and it was a hit! This is still one of the most requested for workshop in current times.

Since then, I have gone on to create many more fun and interesting projects. You can check them out HERE.

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